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GWN Securities

VRSI Securities Representatives are licensed through GWN Securities, Inc. which is a nationally-recognized, independent broker/dealer comprised of experienced registered financial professionals throughout the United States. GWN Securities, Inc. was founded to meet the needs of the independent professional and their respective clients.

GWN advisors are members of your community and our goal is to ensure that your needs come first. We ask you the important questions, listen to your responses, work with you to assess your needs and recommend the right course of action for your unique financial objectives. With this philosophy, we can help you identify your most pressing financial needs and then respond with a solution tailored to you.

GWN's focus is to provide a secure and interactive environment in which our Advisors can flourish, and to create a community of Financial Professionals who specialize in delivering the highest quality products and services to their valued clients. GWN Advisors help clients achieve their investment goals through a number of financial services solutions, including equities, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, insurance, and fee-based programs.

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Why is GWN different than other broker/dealers?

By a combination of the following:

  • Our technology. GWN is committed to remaining in the forefront of today’s technology solutions.
  • GWN’s staff is fully trained which includes a management team with an excess of 100 years of hands on industry specific experience.
  • The services that we offer put our advisors’ needs first.
  • Independent ownership structure
  • Competitive Pricing
  • GWN’s commitment is on focusing specific services tailored to our advisors. We recognize that our entrepreneurial success is dependent on our advisors.

Vision Statement

GWN provides a supportive environment where all affiliated individuals can thrive! The five tenets of our vision statement are technology, tremendous personal services, individual relationships, fun and profitability.

GWN enjoys a vibrant, independent and entrepreneurial-spirited group of individuals, both within our professional advisors and our team of highly qualified staff, all of whom are looking to pursue their respective dreams and careers.